Ceriani Luce

Consulting and Lighting Design since 1959

Only with the right contrast of light, you can create beautiful emotions

Ceriani Luce was founded in 1959 by Antonio Ceriani to sell traditional Murano chandeliers.
In the 90s, the company evolved to focus on contemporary design and lighting development.


In collaboration with architects and lighting designers, the mission is to create an unique experience for the customers, make valuable the space that they live in and create emotions thanks to the right contrast between light and shadow.


Tradition, innovation and passion are part of the Ceriani Luce showrooms which are based in Milano and Rescaldina. They offer a various assortment of products with LED technology from the best Italian and worldwide design brands.


The world of lighting design is vast and full of possibilities and Ceriani Luce can provide the knowledge to make the right choices and give the best support of their specialised lighting consultants.


✓ Over 50 years of experience
✓ Lighting consultancy
✓ Specialized consultancy for architectural studios and lighting designer
✓ International experience
✓ Private and public


✓ Lighting design and engineering
✓ A team of expert lighting design architects
✓ Interior and exterior spaces


✓ Over 1700 sqm of showroom
✓ Products from the best Italian and worldwide design brands
✓ LED lightings, hanging lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, appliqués, ceiling lamps and spotlights
✓ Home fragrances
✓ Emerging Design research
✓ Wedding list

"We believe that light has the power to change people's lives: regulating sleep-wake rhythms, feeding our emotions and influencing our mood.
We are intrinsically fascinated by the way people see and light is a means of experiencing and seeing the world."